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Art Innovations


    About the Artist


       With my father being in the Air Force, I was fortunate enough to travel aboard at an early age.  The experiences took root, giving me the urge to explore and enjoy other cultures, which shows through my work at times.

         I grew up in the nation's capitol, and attended the neighborhood public schools.  They fed my imagination and my thirst for knowledge, but my mother was my first source of inspiration.  She not only motivated me with her artistic abilities, she also gave me all the encouragement I needed.

        Growing up I spent most of my spare time engaged in one art form or another.  I started with pencil around age eight and had graduated to oils by age eleven.  I've tried a lot of different mediums, even photography, but I will always prefer oil paintings.  I'm still developing my style, that is something an artist never stops doing throughout their career.  I strive for perfection in my work, but I know I'll never achieve it, because only God is perfect, for He is my greatest inspiration.  

or reach me at:

Dorothy Brooks

P/O box 2243

Landover Hills, MD