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  Mohammad Mohammed

    Through life's lessons we grow learn, and if we are lucky we can achieve and mature unscathed in our outward appearance.  Sometimes life is mirrored through our faces such is the case in this painting that I have named Mohammed.  When I look into his eyes I can almost experience the trials faced and the battles won throughout his life.


The Two Faces of Ethiopia

Two Faces

Art as life is composed of many different things.  In my work I like to touch upon the strengths as well as the weaknesses in our world.  This painting expresses the dependency, faith, and hope that we put in our care givers to provide what's needed to survive.  Sometimes hope is all we have.




Chivalry Chivalry

    A simple romantic gesture can be a very memorable experience to a blossoming relationship between two people.  This painting shows that I, like many others feel the need to be romanced, to be protected by someone of greater strength than myself, and perhaps be swept off my feet, if you can imagine.  Sometimes we need to reach beyond ourselves for emotional support.


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