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Mvc-011s.jpg (60852 bytes)Seating Arrangements

This is one of the few still life paintings I have done.  Painting still lives hold little interest for me.  The very title still life implies the lack of living energy that inspires me so.  But once in a while a still life can generates own energy.  This is one of those such cases.  The chairs are seemingly inviting you to join them in their quiet attendance and solitude.   

Mvc-012s.jpg (52608 bytes)Music Man No.1

Mvc-013s.jpg (57832 bytes)Music Man No.2

Music is a very important artistic expression.  It has always been one of my passions for I am eclectic when it comes to music.  I was exposed to many different styles of music while growing up.  Later I learned to use music when painting to help enhance my creativity.

Mvc-014s.jpg (53838 bytes)Sarah

I painted  this picture in memory of my late aunt Sarah.  I have to say she was not only my favorite aunt but also a very memorable character.  I never knew her as a young child but knowing her as an adult made me want to capture her at a time in her life when she was free to be anything she could dream.  I will say that she helped to lead me along a road of artistic discovery.