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    This one's kind of funny.  I met him at school, and haven't stopped thinking about him since...I know what you're all thinking, and no I'm not stalking him.  He's just the type of person that sticks in your head.  He's a musician (bassist), as well as the lead vocalist for a local band that known as Lucky 13, Lucky 13 - Music & Whatnot and an absolutely crazy person.  Want to witness massive amounts of strange behavior and find yourself on the bad end of many questioning stares?  Then hang out with Scott.  **Warning: getting sappy**  I can say this though, he is a good person for all of his strangeness and it feels like the world is merely better because he's in it.  Even if I haven't talked to Scott for awhile and don't plan on it, the idea that he exists is enough to make me smile.


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