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Mvc-006s.jpg (91873 bytes)Mystical Waters

This is a place I'd like to wake to every morning, a place of serenity and beauty.  It is a place that can help clear one's mind, a place to help heal old wounds and remind us of all the beauty that God has shared with us.  This is a place within my mind when I need to escape reality. 


Mvc-008s.jpg (81821 bytes)The Sweetest thing

Sharing with others is part if our spiritual and mental growth. In this particular painting I reflect on life's most important role; strengthening the bonds of family.  Sensitivity to the family needs is of the utmost importance.

Mvc-009s.jpg (56733 bytes)Family Matters

There is not enough love in this world.  Sometimes I like to take the opportunity to express love through my work.  This painting gives me a feeling of tenderness, caring, and most importantly love.  For I don't care who you may be, we all need love.  Here a father with gentle persuasion teaches his children the act of expression through touch.   

Mvc-010s.jpg (49084 bytes)Grace

Grace reminds me of old values, traditions and trait.  Her appearance exudes grace, charm, elegance, and that which has changed drastically over the years.  She makes me think of afternoon teas, white gloves, Sunday schools, and prayers before bedtime.  Grace holds a small part of me, and makes me strive to improve upon myself.